School Spirit Homecoming Letters

When it’s time to show that School Team and Sporting Spirit, Colorco has the colors and varieties to put the “Cheer” into any Homecoming Mum, Arrangement, School Project or Gift! In fact, our company began in 1978 by creating the original Non-Shed Adhesive Glitter Letters for the High School Homecoming Mum. Our high-intensity glitter letter is shaped in the traditional sports style font and sparkles brightly in the stadium lights for an exciting effect. Silver and Opal are print treatable with permanent ink markers for a fun custom design look. It’s about creating special times and memories with high school friends. Colorco School Spirit Products are preferred by the students and often saved for years to come

 •Say goodbye to Messy, Smelly Glitter and Glue

 •Peel off and Press On - So simple

•Make spectacular Cheer Posters and Banners

•Decorate Megaphones 

•Temporary use on Clothing 

•Fun for Book Covers, Notebooks, Gift-Wrap, Cards, Party Favors, Teachers Gifts, and so much more

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